Summer is coming to an end for better or for worse, but I was lucky enough to capture some of my summer through my lens. So here is what i've been up too.

I MOVED! I was stressful but now I feel blessed to have central park as my backward and to be steps away from the conservatory gardens. Here are some shots from one of my first walks through central park after moving in.

and incase you were wondering my roommates and I are loving our new place


I spent time wandering parts of the city I know well as if I had never been there. and and was a tourist in the parts of the city i've never been too.

I took a few summer day trips out of the city to Coney Island beach (which I guess is in the city) and to my friends lake house upstate. 


And I begrudgingly got my friends to let me take pictures of them.

Overall this summer as a blast, and while I'm said to see it go i'm sure fall will have it's share of fun film scans.