About me: Judson Rappaport

(It’s like Hudson but with a J)

I found my love for photography  in a high school dark room, and I have continued to follow that passion to find myself today working as a hybrid photographer in both Film and Digital. I learned to love the study of light and how it interacts with subject from the impressionist paintings by Monet and Renoir. My love of visual texture, movement and color are inspired by modern painters such as Klimt, and my love and inspiration of intimate portraiture comes from photographer like Renjika Dystrika.

  I strive not to just take pictures, but to capture candid emotions and capture them in a beautiful way. My photography is personal and intimate. My approach is a mixture of fine art and documentary, I try to capture your moments and day as it happened but highlighting the special details and taking advantage of the best lighting.

I am also a proud member of the LGBTQ community, and give back a portion of my profits to LGBTQ organizations. When I'm not behind the camera you can find me searching for the best bagels in New York City, reading books from nearly any subject or being a cat mom to my two calico cuties.

Based out of NYC, but always traveling back home to Atlanta, GA along the eastern coast and beyond! My suit case, camera and passport are ready for the next adventure!